Make a Tennis Reservation Using the Form Below:

Times not shown are due to courts reservations already in place.





(1) Men’s doubles     (5) Women’s singles

(2) Mixed doubles     (6) Minors over sixteen years of age

(3) Men’s singles      (7) Minors under sixteen years of age

(4) Women’s doubles

(B) Players of a lower classification must vacate the court without request in favor of players of a higher classification at the end of the set. Players under twenty-one years of age must vacate without further play when adult players are waiting for the court.

(C) When players of the same classification are waiting, doubles may not play more than two sets, and singles shall offer to play doubles at the end of the set.

(D) Seven-six shall be the limit of games in the set when players are waiting.

(E) Players under twenty-one shall occupy the most northerly courts.


Non-member residents of Shelby County are restricted to the following regulation in their use of the tennis courts:

(A)  They must be the invited guests of a member and must be accompanied by their host or hostess.

(B)  No children under the age of 10 may play tennis unless they are accompanied by an adult member.


All arrangements for any tournaments shall be made by the Tennis Committee.

Indoor tennis:

Reservations for the indoor court times must be made through the Club office. You must sign the reservation book in the tennis building at the appropriate time you play. Contract time players are exempt from the reservation rules during their contracted time.


Appropriate costume shall be worn by the players. Players must not play barefoot, without a top shirt, in a bathing suit, in cutoffs or in other undignified apparel.           

 They shall wear a shirt with a collar and wear regulation tennis shoes. Cross training, basketball and jogging shoes will not be allowed.

Night tennis:

Reservations for night tennis shall be made in advance with the Club Manager. If Club service is desired during and after play on off nights, a nominal charge will be made covering the cost for the additional help.